Logo sobre arbol pequeñoWelcome to Coaching Humano. This is an space thought for your personal growth. It has been created with the purpose of being useful and meaningful to you. Use it, comment it, complete it, provide feedback… that will definitevely enrich it.

Here you will find an inspiration area with videos, quotes, book and music that for any given reason I found them inspirational or useful. Also our blog is available to you, for reading, commenting or publishing.

This project is born with the values of public service and openness. If you are a Coach, you like it, or resonates with you, and you want to join… you are more than welcome. Tell me about it.

If you are interested in Coaching or Leadership development, for you personally or within your company, also contact me. Or if you prefer, leave your contact details and I will answer then.

Go ahead, explore!

And you like anything enough, share it, or copy it… and remember to mention the source. ;-)

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Joaquín Rivera

Human Being & Coach

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Coaching is conversations. Are you having the right conversations that boost your results? Are you satisfied with the results you are achieving? Are you living the best version of yourSelf, the life that you deserve? If you answer «no» to one or more of these questions, maybe you want to try Coaching as a way to improve and to move forward.

But, where is «forward»? Getting clarity on this is also part of what you will achieve through being coached.