Hacer lo correcto y el Triángulo de la Armonía

Perdona que escriba en inglés. Así es como nació esta historia un miércoles 29 de Mayo de 2013, poco después de las 9:15am. Y por alguna razón que quizás hoy no comprendamos, así es como debe ser.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I heard one of the most inspiring histories about Telefónica that I ever heard in this 20 years. Luis Prendes was meant to tell us the story of the Company. But actually was a perfectly enchanting and engaging story about the passion and believe of one man that made it possible.

imagenes del amor - manos y corazon

It was the story of many unknown colleagues that throughout the years have built and strengthen not only the head and muscl

e of the Company, but mainly its heart and soul. And how that heart is today alive and pumping in Universitas Telefónica.
As if it was the song «Killing me softly», I was seeing my own way of thinking and feeling about Telefónica told out-loud in every word Luis was speaking.

This was the second gift I received this week at Universitas. 


The first one was given by another wonderful person, Daniel Escoda. Dani studied with me, only for one year, when we both were 17. Though only one, that was an intense year, you can imagine what it was to be young and free. I’ve always remembered that last High School year with a lot of gratitude, passion, fun and love.

Dani heard my name and saw my face on the presentations round of the Leading Self program yesterday. 90 persons in a room partly dark, and less than 5 seconds of attention before the next one was presented. This is all that Dani needed to be sure that after 26 years he finally had found his friend again. We had not seen each other again since the end of school in the summer of 1987.

Words can not describe the thrill that crossed my spine, the emotion that left me without breath and the love that fulfilled my soul when Dani came to me on Tuesday as we were walking out from plenary, smiled, looked into my eyes and said: «¿Tu recuerdas donde estudiaste COU?»


The most amazing about this gifts is how I ended up coming to Universitas this week. I got the email from Katherine Semler, the Program Director, with the request to collaborate. Though it is my passion, and one of the most fulfilling activities I do in Telefónica, the timing of this edition was particularly bad for personal and professional reasons. So I answered Katherine asking if she could substitute me. She answered open and honestly: «There are no others, and we need you. But if you can not come, your group will be splitted among the other facilitators and everything will be fine. Sincerely, be free on taking your decision and do what you have to do.»

Many fears came to me about how to face the conversation home;  thoughts about the work that would be delayed, and similar self-constructed barriers. But I knew that I should keep my commitment, and that this is really living my live purpose. So that night I spoke about it with Marisol, my wife, and she didn’t need much explanations. She just said, «worked out with your boss, the girls don’t have school so it will be easier. Enjoy it, we will be ok»

Next morning I simply wrote to Katherine: «Count on me, I’ll be there.»

Before ending I want to say thank you to Luis and Dani for their gifts, to Katherine for her openness and trust, and specially to Marisol for her immense love, support and understanding.

You may call this coincidence, other will say it happens by chance, or that is destiny. I rather call it HARMONY.

Pitágoras definió algo que podemos llamar «Triángulo de la Armonía».

Normalmente en la vida queremos algo de otros, o tenemos intención de controlar las situaciones. En lugar de esto, podemos conectar con nuestra verdad, o con nuestro propósito de vida y así saber que es «lo correcto». Desde este lugar veremos que hay cosas que nosotros debemos hacer por otros, que nos tenemos que dar para ser fieles a nosotros mismos. Y cuando esto pasa, de una forma totalmente impredecible al tomar la decisión, la Vida nos da más de lo que queríamos en un principio. Esto es, según Pitágoras, vivir en armonía.

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