A matter of Attitude.

Crater volcánico en Timanfaya

Crater at Timanfaya

I’m spending a few days with my family in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Yesterday we went to see the Nature’s Reserve of Timanfaya. The lates registered volcanic activity here in the Islands, around 200 years ago. The place is somehow enchanting, as you drive through kilometers of dark black stones with sharp edges, cut every now and them by hills covered on ashes and dust. It is a moon-like view, I suppose. The quietness, the long black tongue that ends in the endless ocean, the small craters, all reminds you how powerful mother nature is and our vulnerability. Seams like no life ever could grow in this place.

As we start the tour, I found how wrong I am. We are told there are already more than 500 species of animal, plants and likens registered there. As our friend the lizard here in the picture. We are also told about the story of the volcano’s eruption. It has reached our days thanks to Don Lorenzo Curbelo, the local Priest who stayed in Yaiza, instead of fling as most of the population did, fearing the volcano, and wrote all that happend on his diary.

Lizard on it's volcanic habitat

Lizard on it’s volcanic habitat

Back to the hotel, I meet the animation team. A wonderful group of young people. Some of them from Dominican Republic, two from Andalucia, an amazing dreak dancer from Morocco, one ever smiling girl from Mauritania,also from Italy and other origins. Most of them had a tough live till getting there. Nevertheless, they are always smiling, caring about everyone, making sure all guests are amused, and on the back of their shirts one can read: Don’t worry, be happy.

So, what is all this about? What the lizzard and likens, the Priest, and the young group of animators have in common? Their attitude towards life. Life may confront us with the worst conditions, but is up to us to overcome it. Adapting our needs, as the lizard has; staing calm where others run on fear, as Don Lorenzo; and always smiling like our young friends at the hotel.

Success is a very wide concept to me, not easy to define, and different for each of us. What I am sure is that we can all achieve it when we face life with the right attitude.

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