Just another (exceptional) day

Looking back to yesterday, it was just another day, like many others. I am delivering a program at Universitas Telefónica; did some networking; took care of some business issues, answering a few emails. As I’m away, had a chat with my wife on the phone, and even called a friend that I committed to call a week ago. All of these tasks you may consider them routine, but that is only one valid perspective.

Just another (Exceptional) day

I chose to look at yesterday from a different perspective, and yes…

Yesterday was an exceptional day. I enjoyed working in the program with Colin, my co-facilitating colleague. I supported on their inner journey Abby, Grainne, Jonny, Günter, Bridget, Mária & Stephen. During one of the breaks I received a very beautiful compliment from Manuela, a business colleague, that really touched my heard. -Thanks Manuela!- Later, after dinner, the facilitating team we played some music and had fun. I called Marisol and had a nice chat; even being apart, we had the chance to share our feeling, the day issues and comfort one another. I also called our friend Elena, and gave her support with something she is going through. I felt gratified by being useful to someone I love, and by being asked for this help.

So, every other moment was exceptional, different and unique. Some of this exceptional moments I realized while living them, for others I just realized now, reflecting on them. It is up to us to make every thing we do a unique and exceptional experience, or just another ordinary task.

I have decided that today, each and every today, I will be specially aware of making this another exceptional day. What do you want to do with your day?

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