What is Coaching?

Coaching is a way for helping other human beings to achieve the best of their Selfs. A proven methodology to improve people’s live, and therefore their achievements in any aspect they want to push forward. Coaching is empowering Human Beings to live the life they really deserve.


How does it work?

Through conversational meetings (face to face, phone, Skype, etc.) the coach will guide you to find your own answers, to clarify your values, to be concious on how you are living them, and to reconnect with your true Being.

The Coach will make you the necessary questions so you wake up the knowledge and wisdom that you naturaly posses.


How long does it take a Coaching Process?

As any other humanistic praxis, Coaching is not an exact science. the length of a process varies between Coachees (that’s you) and issues addressed. Typicaly a proccess will last 7 to 12 sessions. The frequency is agreed among Coach and Coachee. As a guide I recommend to start with no more than one session per week, and soon move to one every two or three weeks, even more. You must allow enough time for the learning to internaliza, and become transformation.

If you are interested, please contact me, and I’ll be delighted to give you more details and solve all your doubts. You can ask for a free session to see if it matches your expectations.